Living with a New Relationship Partner

Sooner or later in our lives we all want to have an intimate relationship with our partner and begin to live together. There is a lot of talk on the legal side of things as well as relationship problems. Before you decide to move in with your new relationship partner or have them move in with you, firstly you must analyze moral values, habits, and financial issues.

One of the biggest primers in not living with a relationship partner is moral values. Mostly common for those with religion beliefs, these people believe living together gives temptations that will break those beliefs. The best cure is usually prevention and so these people prevent the temptation by having moral values and not diverting from them. If you are uncertain of how to address this issue in your relationship, instead of directly talking to your new partner about their moral values, ask about their religion beliefs and their beliefs on people living together before marriage. Talking to your partner about this primary issue is a must to successfully live together in a happy relationship.

The funniest thing for outsiders and the most frustrating aspect about living together with someone whom you have a new relationship with is seeing annoying habits in your partner you hadn’t seen before. If you’re a guy and you are use to seeing your girlfriend dressed beautifully for a Friday night out on the town or a relaxing dinner, you have been conditioned to see her in this nice spotlight. The times you see your girlfriend will probably be when she is “at her best”. What you often don’t see is her sick, in a crabby mood, or snoring louder then a pig snorting. Realize that the two of you will see qualities and behaviors in your partner that you have never seen.

“What you often don’t see is her sick, in a crabby mood, or snoring louder then a pig snorting.”

It’s also important to sort out financial issues. Determine how the expenses are paid for and the income distributed beforehand. Who pays for household objects? How will you keep track? Think like a legal will. How will the assets be distributed should you split up?

Don’t think the two of you will not break up. When going into business partnership, it is dangerously common mistake to not seek out these issues with your business partner. I’ve heard lots of business stories where partners whom are actually best friends, have one business partner leave the partnership and legal battles result as they didn’t address these possible issues because “they would never split up”. Make a personal risk management plan where you prepare for “what if” problems that could result in future stress and financial problems.

Living with a new relationship partner doesn’t have to be torture or unsuccessful. Understanding the important issues listed in this article before making that big decision to move in together will prevent you from wrongly moving in together causing a break up or being unhappy with living together. Relationships aren’t meant to be miserable so don’t make them by making a wrong choice in living together!